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Tigers’ President Attributes Turnaround to Baez’s Benching

Tigers prez: Baez benching was ‘turning point’

After coming off a tough stretch, the Detroit Tigers made a bold move in benching their shortstop, Javier Baez, and it appears that decision has paid off. According to Tigers President, Al Avila, “The benching of Javier was a turning point for our team, it was a wake-up call for everyone.”

The Struggle

At the beginning of the season, the Tigers were considered by many to be a team with potential. However, they quickly fell into a slump, losing game after game. One of the biggest struggles was the performance of shortstop, Javier Baez, who seemed to be struggling both defensively and offensively. Fans and analysts alike were calling for him to be benched.

The Turning Point

The Tigers had to make a change, and they did just that by benching Baez. The move was not easy, but it was necessary. The team needed to send a message that performance was important and everyone needed to do their part. “It was a tough decision, but we knew it was the right one,” said Avila. “We needed to shake things up.”

After the benching, the Tigers went on to win the next few games, and it seemed like the move had paid off. However, it was not just the wins that were important, it was the way the team played. The players seemed energized and focused, with everyone stepping up to contribute.

The Aftermath

After the benching, Baez returned to the lineup, but there was a noticeable difference in his play. He seemed to have a renewed focus and energy that wasn’t there before. In the games following his benching, Baez seemed like a different player, making some great plays defensively and getting some key hits offensively.

The Tigers have continued to play well since the benching, and they are now starting to turn heads in the American League. According to Avila, “The benching was the turning point for our team, it woke everyone up and made us realize that we needed to play better if we wanted to win.”


The decision to bench Javier Baez was a bold move by the Detroit Tigers, but it clearly paid off. The team has been playing much better since the benching, with everyone stepping up to contribute. Baez himself seems to have been revitalized by the move, playing at a higher level than before. For the Tigers, this was a turning point in their season, and they will be looking to carry that momentum forward.

Sara Marcus
Sara Marcus
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