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Amazon Prime Day Sale 2023: best deals on camera accessories – UnlistedNews

The first day of Amazon Prime Day Sale 2023 is almost over. The two-day sale has put a large number of products from various categories on sale at lucrative discounts. Additional trade-in offers, discounts on select cards, and rebates have made the sale an additional hit with shoppers. One of the best-selling categories of the bonanza is camera accessories. From backpacks, gimbals and memory cards to green screens, a wide variety of photographic equipment is available at discounted prices. Here are some of the best deals on camera accessories that we liked the most.

1. Dyazo Waterproof Camera Bag

The Dyazo Water Resistant Padded Shoulder Camera Bag offers a shock resistant and secure storage space for your camera and accessories. It comes with adjustable and detachable straps, for added comfort, and can also be carried as a shoulder bag, while traveling. It has multiple accessory pockets, ensuring easy compartmentalization. You can easily carry cameras from top brands like Nikon, Panasonic, Samsung, Fujifilm and Sony.

Shop now at: Rs. 582 (retail price: Rs 1,499)

2. Hiniso Chamber Dry Cabinet

Exposure to too much moisture can damage your camera lens and burn a deep hole in your pocket. This is where a dry cabinet comes into the picture. It offers protection to camera equipment from excessive moisture and ensures safe storage for your camera in difficult terrain and climates. It also helps prevent rust, mildew, oxidation, or warping of the camera. The Hiniso Vault Dry Cabinet, in particular, comes with thermoelectric cooling technology, a built-in hygrometer, and an electronic display.

Shop now at: Rs. 16,990 (recommended price: 21,990)

3. Gizga Essentials Professional 6-in-1 Cleaning Kit for Cameras and Sensitive Electronics

A dirty lens can rob you of the chance to click that perfect shot. This handy cleaning kit from Gizga essentials will allow you to prepare your lens quickly, wherever you go. Comes with powerful dust blower, 10 cotton swabs, plush microfiber cloth (160mm x 160mm), chamois microfiber cloth (180mm x 155mm), anti-static dust removal cleaning brush and a 25 ml lens cleaning solution. You can also use this multipurpose kit for camcorders, filters, binoculars, LCDs, laptops, and other sensitive electronics.

Shop now at: Rs. 269 ​​(RRP: 499 rupees)

4. Digitek 3-Axis Portable Stable Gimbal (DSG 007F)

A good quality gimbal is crucial for steady video capture as well as still images. This one from Digitek offers a decent range of features including anti-vibration technology, foldable design, and easy operation. You can use it in three creative modes of operation, which are follow mode, half follow mode, and full lock mode. It allows users to switch between horizontal and vertical shooting, in a stabilized manner. Plus, it offers a 340-degree PAN angle and is easy to carry on the go.

Shop now at: Rs. 5,589 (retail price: Rs 8,995)

5. Hiffin Green Wallpaper with Stand

If you’re a cinematographer at heart or just like to play around with editing software, you’re probably already aware of the versatility of green screens, allowing you to add digital effects later. The kit comes with a muslin drape, backdrop supports, screws, and a sturdy carry bag. The curtain is made of high-density, wrinkle-free polyester fabric, offering a perfect backdrop. It is easy to set up and transport. The booth is 8 feet long and 12 feet wide, and the curtain is 9 x 12 feet.

Shop now at Rs. 2,139 (recommended price: 5,000)

6. AmazonBasics D Cell Everyday Alkaline Batteries (12-pack)

These AmazonBasics alkaline batteries offer a leak-proof and corrosion-resistant design, plus a long life of three to five years. You can also use them with other household items such as LED lanterns. However, these batteries are for a single user and cannot be recharged.

Shop now at: Rs. 349 (recommended price: 2,995)

7. 128 GB SanDisk Extreme SD UHS I Card

This SanDisk SD card is a popular choice among camera enthusiasts thanks to its fast data transfer speed and high shooting speed. Its rugged construction provides resistance against moisture, shock, humidity, X-rays, and other harsh conditions. The SD card is also optimal for capturing sequential burst shots and uninterrupted 4K UHD video.

Shop now at: Rs. 1,375 (recommended price: 3,700)

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