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“ChatGPT’s Newfound Strength: Enhanced Internet Access and More!”

ChatGPT got stronger! Access to internet and more, here are details

ChatGPT, the popular AI language model developed by OpenAI, was given a significant update for its Plus subscribers. The new update empowers ChatGPT with internet browsing capabilities and third-party plugins. This upgrade comes as a result of the development of the latest GPT-4 model by OpenAI.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a conversational AI language model that has become increasingly popular over recent years, particularly due to its ability to generate human-like responses to text inputs. This platform has seen widespread adoption in various applications, ranging from virtual assistants and customer service bots to language translation and content generation.

Internet browsing capability

The addition of internet browsing capability to ChatGPT enables the platform to access external data resources, which will further enhance its ability to generate more accurate and context-specific responses. With this feature, users can simply ask ChatGPT to browse the internet and provide answers to specific queries within seconds.

Third-party plugin integration

OpenAI has also introduced the ability to integrate third-party plugins with ChatGPT. This new feature will allow developers to create custom plugins for the platform, enabling it to perform specific tasks such as scheduling appointments, booking flights, and more. Furthermore, chatbot developers can integrate ChatGPT with third-party platforms such as Slack, Telegram, Messenger, and other popular chat applications.

Benefits for Plus subscribers

The new internet browsing and plugin integration features are only available to those subscribed to ChatGPT’s Plus plan. The Plus plan unlocks additional features and resources that aim to enhance the performance of the platform.

OpenAI has also ensured that the new update has not compromised the privacy and security of the users’ data. The company reassures its users that ChatGPT’s operations are anonymous, which means that personal data is protected and not shared with any third-party entities.


The latest update to OpenAI’s ChatGPT platform is a significant one, as it empowers the language model with internet browsing and third-party plugin integration capabilities. The company hopes that this update will result in a more feature-rich and intuitive user experience for its Plus subscribers. Although ChatGPT’s upgrade is only available to its Plus subscribers, the new features introduced will certainly pave the way for future developments in the AI language model space.

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