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Chrome 114 Beta: New Features and Improvements

Google has released Chrome 114 beta, following the earlier release of Chrome 113 in the stable version. Beta users and testers can now access Chrome 114 with the new features available for testing through the official website. Here are some of the features and improvements in Chrome 114 beta.

Auto-verify Captcha

Manually entering captchas can be tedious. However, Chrome 114 beta features the Auto-verify Captcha, which includes a new Private State Tokens API. With this API, websites can verify whether the user is human or not without requiring them to enter a captcha. Users can enable this feature in the settings under “Privacy and Security”, “Site Settings”, then “Additional Content Settings,” and lastly, “Auto-verify.”

Root Store

Chrome 114 will switch to its own Root Store to guarantee secure connections for all devices. Users on Windows and Mac will be unable to disable Chrome’s Root Store. However, ChromeOS, Linux, and Android users will experience the same changes with the arrival of Chrome 120.

Reading Mode

Google has finally introduced an exclusive Reading Mode to Chrome with its 114 beta version, similar to modes from other web browsers, including Safari and Edge.

Other features added in the Chrome 114 beta update include glimpses of the Material You interface, a better positioning for Google Password Manager, lockless HTTPS pages, background tab animation, and more.

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