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DeSantis Picked Twitter Spaces to Announce His Run. What Is It? – UnlistedNews

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announces he will run for president Wednesday at 6 p.m. on Twitter Spaces, a live streaming audio platform on Twitter where people meet and talk online in real time.

Times reporters will provide analysis throughout the announcement, which you can listen to at 6 pm with a Twitter account.

Twitter launched Spaces in May 2021, becoming one of the first social media platforms to create a dedicated audio streaming feature. The idea was simple: give people a way to talk and listen in rooms focused on specific topics.

Spaces was Twitter’s answer to Clubhouse, a live-streaming social app that grew rapidly during the pandemic after launching in March 2020 and showcased the power of audio platforms. While Twitter once had a live video streaming service called Periscope, the wide availability of other video streaming tools led the company to shut it down in 2021 and focus on its audio offering.

Any Twitter user can join a space, which has hosts who set up the audio chat room and choose the topic to discuss. Hosts moderate their own spaces and can choose people to speak or call in the audience to ask questions or provide feedback. Some spots have had tens of thousands of listeners, though most only have audiences in the dozens.

Twitter has never released numbers on the popularity of Spaces. Elon Musk, who bought Twitter for $44 billion last year, has been a user and fan of the feature. He has often appeared on Spaces to discuss his various businesses and conduct interviews with journalists, including two recently from the BBC and CNBC.

Twitter is still working out Spaces’ issues. The function can be buggy and sometimes kick users or crash. In December, it stopped working after tens of thousands of users joined an audio chat room to listen to Musk discuss why Twitter had banned several journalists from the social network.

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