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“Discovering the Benefits of Gmail’s ‘Help me write’ Feature”

What is ‘Help me write’ in Gmail and how it helps

Google has come up with a new feature called “Help me write” in Gmail which is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This feature is designed to help users by predicting the next sentence while the user is composing an email. This amazing feature was launched on 3 September 2021.

Gmail is an email service provided by Google and is widely used by individuals and businesses across the world. The ‘Help me write’ feature is designed to help users save time while composing their emails. Without further ado, let us dive into the functionalities of this new feature.

How does ‘Help me write’ in Gmail work?

The “Help me write” feature uses AI algorithms to predict the next sentence while the user types an email. The AI model behind this feature is trained on a large dataset of emails that are publicly available. The AI model is designed to understand the context of the conversation and predict the most probable sentence.

The feature works when the user starts typing an email. When the AI model predicts the next sentence, it appears in a light grey font and the user can either accept or reject the suggestion. If the user accepts the suggestion, it will be added to the email. If the user rejects the suggestion, the AI model will continue to suggest new sentences until the user accepts one.

This feature is designed to learn from the user’s writing style and improve the accuracy of the predictions over time. It also helps users to write emails with fewer spelling and grammatical errors.

Benefits of ‘Help me write’ in Gmail

– Saves Time: With the help of “Help me write” feature, users can save a lot of time while composing an email. The AI model predicts the next sentence, which means less time spent on thinking about what to write next.

– Reduces Errors: With the help of this feature, users can reduce the number of spelling and grammatical errors in their emails.

– Improves Efficiency: The “Help me write” feature improves the efficiency of the user by predicting the most probable sentence. This allows the user to compose emails faster and with fewer errors.

– Personalized Predictions: The feature adapts to the user’s writing style, resulting in personalized and accurate predictions.

Drawbacks of ‘Help me write’ in Gmail

– Over-reliance: The ‘Help me write’ feature might make users overly reliant on the AI model, leading to them not being able to compose emails without it.

– Privacy concerns: With the AI model being trained on public emails, it may raise privacy concerns for users who want to keep their emails private.


In conclusion, the “Help me write” feature in Gmail is a great addition to Google’s suite of productivity tools. It is designed to help users save time, improve efficiency and reduce errors while composing emails. Though there are some drawbacks to the feature, its benefits outweigh them. The feature is easy to use and it improves over time with continued usage. Users who are comfortable using AI should definitely give this feature a try.

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