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“Elon Musk Reveals Twitter’s New Pic-in-Pic and 15-Second Navigation Buttons”

Elon Musk Announces Pic-in-Pic Mode Along with 15-sec Forward and Back Buttons for Twitter

Elon Musk has announced on Twitter that the social media platform will be introducing a new feature, pic-in-pic mode, along with 15-second forward and back buttons. The SpaceX CEO and Tesla founder shared the news on his Twitter account, and it’s expected that Twitter will be rolling out these new features to all users soon.

Pic-in-pic mode allows users to continue watching videos even while scrolling through their feed. This feature is already present on other platforms like YouTube and Instagram, but Twitter has been slow in adopting this functionality. With this new feature, Twitter users can now watch videos in a floating window while they continue to scroll through their feeds, making multitasking on Twitter much easier.

Along with the pic-in-pic mode, Twitter is also introducing two new buttons that will allow users to skip back and forth in 15-second intervals. This functionality is similar to the fast-forward and rewind buttons on traditional media players, and will allow users to watch longer videos in a shorter amount of time.

This announcement from Elon Musk has elicited a lot of excitement from Twitter users who are eagerly awaiting the release of these new features. While there’s no word on when these features will be rolled out to all users, it’s expected that it will happen soon.

In conclusion, the addition of pic-in-pic mode and the 15-second forward and back buttons to Twitter will make it a more user-friendly platform. With less interruption in video viewing and the ability to skip through videos quickly, it’s no wonder that users are eagerly awaiting the release of these new features. We can’t wait to see what Twitter has in store for us next!

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