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“Enhancing Your Aadhaar Experience: Government’s New Plan”

Aadhaar: Government’s New Plan to Enhance User Experience

In a bid to improve the Aadhaar experience for citizens, the Indian government has announced a new plan. This move comes as the country makes strides towards a more digitalized economy, with Aadhaar being a key driver of this transition.

Using Aadhaar, citizens in India can authenticate their identity electronically, allowing them to access various services and benefits easily. However, the system has also been a subject of criticism due to numerous issues such as data breaches, misuse of personal information, and technical glitches.

To address these concerns, the government has come up with a new plan that aims to improve the entire Aadhaar system’s functionality and security. Here’s a look at what the plan entails:

New Aadhaar mobile app

The government plans to launch a new Aadhaar mobile app that will allow users to access a range of services related to Aadhaar quickly. The app will include features such as downloading Aadhaar, updating details, locking/unlocking biometrics, etc.

The app will also feature AI-enabled face recognition, allowing users to update their details without the need for physical presence. The app will be available in 13 languages for easy access by users across various states.

The government hopes that the new Aadhaar app will enhance the overall user experience and make the Aadhaar system more user-friendly.

Virtual ID

The Virtual ID (VID) is another significant aspect of the new plan. VID is a temporary ID that can be used in place of the Aadhaar number when providing identity details. Users can generate a VID and present it instead of their Aadhaar number for authentication purposes.

The VID will be linked to the Aadhaar number, allowing users to use it for authentication while keeping their Aadhaar number confidential. This move is aimed at enhancing the security and privacy of users’ personal information.

Authentication history

Users will now be able to view their Aadhaar authentication history online. This feature will allow users to keep track of when and where their Aadhaar number was used for authentication purposes. This feature is aimed at enhancing the security of users’ personal information by keeping them informed about any unauthorized use of their Aadhaar number.

Face authentication

As part of the new plan, the government is set to introduce face authentication as an additional mode of authentication. This move is aimed at making the authentication process more accessible for users who might face issues with fingerprints or iris recognition.

Face authentication will use AI-enabled technology to authenticate the user’s face against the photograph linked to the Aadhaar number. This feature will be beneficial for elderly people or those with disabilities who often face difficulties with fingerprint recognition.


The new plan is aimed at enhancing the overall Aadhaar experience and making it more accessible, user-friendly, and secure. With the new features such as the Aadhaar app, Virtual ID, face authentication, and authentication history, users can expect a significant improvement in the Aadhaar system’s functioning.

The government hopes that these changes will address the concerns raised regarding the Aadhaar system’s security and privacy while making it more accessible for all citizens. Ultimately, the new plan is a step towards achieving India’s goal of becoming a fully digitalized economy.

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