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German intelligence unit BND to use dog-themed NFTs to fish for cyber talent – UnlistedNews

The German intelligence unit, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), has released a collection of dog-themed NFTs, hoping to attract up-and-coming cyber talent among the public. The BND NFT Collection will be an entry pass to enter a blockchain-based treasure hunt. People who manage to do well in this difficult virtual test could get a ticket to enter cyber services. It has been decided that a total of 999 NFTs will be part of this initiative.

The name of this collection is ‘Dogs of BND’ and all the NFTs in this collection will be inspired by the BND security and guard dogs. Each NFT will also bring various intelligence roles, making these digital collectibles unique, the official BND website saying.

Unlike regular NFT collections, ‘Dogs of BND’ collectibles will not be available for sale on any NFT marketplace. Instead, these NFTs will serve as collectibles only, acquired by finding a string of characters posted on Instagram.

These chains will eventually connect to an Ethereum address, through which participants will be able to mint an NFT.

“Anyone who has a digital cryptocurrency wallet (cryptocurrency / digital wallet / electronic wallet) that supports Ethereum-based tokens has the opportunity to secure an NFT image. Since the third-party platform used does not allow offering NFTs completely free of charge, NFT images have a token price of 0.000001 ETH or $0.0019 (approximately Rs 0.16),” the website noted.

People who master their cyber knowledge will be able to coin the NFT at the end of the so-called “treasure hunt” and prove their worth.

“The Federal Intelligence Service reserves the right to disqualify entrants who tamper or attempt to tamper with the competition or violate these conditions of participation,” the website added.

The BND will reserve 12 NFTs from this collection, to be linked with more difficult challenges and given away as prizes.

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