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“Google Maps to Roll Out ‘Immersive View’ on Routes: Cities Get Ready for Augmented Navigation Experience”

Google Maps to Expand ‘Immersive View’ to Routes: What It Means, and the Cities Getting it

What is ‘Immersive View’?

Google Maps has been the go-to navigation app for many people around the world. With its detailed maps and routes, it’s easy to find the way to our destination. Now, Google is taking it up a notch by bringing ‘Immersive View’ to its navigation system.

‘Immersive View’ is a feature that allows users to explore cities, landmarks, and tourist attractions up close and personal. It’s similar to Google Street View, but with a more immersive experience that allows users to move around freely and experience a 3D view of the area.

What is the Benefit of ‘Immersive View’?

‘Immersive View’ will not only allow users to explore the area beforehand, but also plan their routes according to their preferences. This feature will aid people in selecting the best-suited routes with less traffic, pedestrian-friendly paths, and scenic views.

Moreover, since users will be able to see the area beforehand, they will have a clear idea of what to expect and what landmarks to look out for. It’s a great tool for tourists to plan their itinerary accordingly.

Which Cities will Get ‘Immersive View’?

Google debuted the feature in New York, London, and Tokyo back in 2019. Recently, the company announced it will be expanding this feature to cities around the world, including San Francisco, Barcelona, and Sydney.

The feature will not only be limited to cities but will also be available for natural landmarks such as the Grand Canyon and parks like California’s Joshua Tree National Park.

Final Thoughts

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps in the world and has been making strides in improving its features. With the advent of ‘Immersive View,’ users can now explore cities and tourist attractions like never before. The feature will not only enhance our navigation experience but also aid in planning our routes and itinerary.

The feature is gradually expanding to other cities and natural landmarks around the world, and it will be fascinating to see what Google Maps has in store for us in the future.

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