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Here’s How Cox Internet Customers Can Enhance Their Mobile Experience – UnlistedNews

If you are already a Helmsman Internet customer, now you can also become a Cox Mobile customer. Cox Mobile offers simple, reliable and affordable data plans designed with your needs in mind.

Because Cox Mobile runs on the network with unmatched 5G reliability, you can enjoy fast 5G on 5G-enabled devices and reliable 4G LTE on all other devices. Plus, Cox has more than 4 million Wi-Fi hotspots, which means you can get coverage almost anywhere.*

Once you’ve joined the Cox family, you’ll also have access to stellar customer service. While some wireless providers may treat you like just a number, Cox wants you to never feel left out again. Whether you need to sign up for wireless service, change your mobile plan, shop for devices, or learn more about your plan, they’re here to help.

The best part? You can get the Pay As You Gig plan for as little as $15 per month* per GB. Do you want unlimited data? The Gig Unlimited plan is just $45 per month per line.

Both plans have no annual contracts or term agreements, and unlimited talk and text. That means you never have to worry about cutting your phone calls short or sending fewer messages to your friends.*

Switching between data plans is simple and free. If you’re a Gig Unlimited customer who isn’t taking full advantage of your unlimited plan, you can easily switch to Pay As You Gig at any time to save on your data costs. And if you’re a Pay As You Gig customer who uses a lot of data, you can switch to Gig Unlimited and do whatever you want online.

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