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“Microsoft Teams Enhances Meeting Experience with New Animated Background Options: Get the Details”

Teams: Microsoft Teams is refreshing animated background options for meetings: Details here – Unlisted News

Microsoft Teams is set to release a massive update to its virtual backgrounds with a reimagined visual library containing all-new images. The refreshed library includes still images, and later this year, Teams will roll out an animated version. The virtual backgrounds allow users to replace their messy or distracting background with amazing picturesque scenes depicting a co-working space, office, or home. In addition, people can also choose from fun and imaginative scenes.

The new backgrounds are thoughtfully designed to represent the people using them and how they work best. Microsoft Teams is currently available in 181 countries and 44 languages, with 300 million monthly active users.

The virtual backgrounds will belong to six main categories, with each featuring several options. There are backgrounds with contemporary designs, wood and light options, as well as nature-related selections featuring clouds and mountains.

Insights and semiotics reports from researchers across Microsoft, LinkedIn, and GitHub on how people are currently working inspired the new backgrounds. The research, conducted under The Future of Work initiative, aims to create a meaningful, productive, and equitable future of work.

Last month, Microsoft Teams released the green screen feature in public preview. The feature allows meeting participants to display props and other objects held in hand more clearly. However, the green screen feature is only supported on Windows and Apple Mac PCs with Intel chips.

In conclusion, Microsoft Teams is poised to release a massive update to its virtual backgrounds with a visually-stunning library of pictures and animations. The backgrounds are designed to give users a meaningful and productive experience while using Microsoft Teams. The backgrounds depict different scenes, ranging from contemporary designs to nature-related options. Additionally, the green screen feature enhances virtual backgrounds and helps in displaying props and objects held in hand.

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