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Musk Regrets Tweeting After 3 A.M. In Spontaneous, Free-Wheeling BBC Interview – UnlistedNews

Musk Regrets Tweeting After 3 A.M. In Spontaneous, Free-Wheeling BBC Interview


In a recent interview with the BBC, Elon Musk opened up about his regret over tweeting after 3 a.m. The Tesla CEO talked about a wide range of topics, including the pandemic, space travel, and bitcoin. However, it was his comments on social media that grabbed the most attention.

The Interview

Musk was interviewed by the BBC’s Technology Correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones. The interview took place at Musk’s GigaFactory in Texas and covered a lot of ground. However, it was his comments on social media that were the most revealing.

Musk admitted that he regretted tweeting at odd hours of the night. He said that he sometimes tweets after 3 a.m. because he can’t sleep, but that he often wakes up the next morning regretting his actions. Musk acknowledged that his tweets can sometimes be “hurtful or unnecessary” and that he would like to be more careful in the future.

Musk also talked about his infamous tweet from August 2018, in which he claimed that he had secured funding to take Tesla private. The tweet landed him in hot water with the SEC and led to a $20 million fine. Musk acknowledged that the tweet was a mistake and that he had learned from it.

Space Travel

In the interview, Musk also spoke about his plans for space travel. He talked about the ongoing development of SpaceX’s Starship rocket, which he hopes will one day take humans to Mars. Musk said that he was confident that SpaceX would be able to send humans to Mars within the next six years.

Musk also talked about his vision for a sustainable human settlement on Mars. He said that he hoped to create a self-sustaining civilization on the red planet that could support millions of people.

The Pandemic

Musk also talked about the pandemic and its impact on the world. He said that he was frustrated with the response of governments around the world and that he believed that the pandemic could have been handled better.

Musk said that he was in favor of vaccines and that he had received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine himself. He encouraged others to get vaccinated as well, saying that it was the best way to protect yourself and others from the virus.


Finally, Musk talked about his recent interest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Musk said that he was optimistic about the future of bitcoin and that he believed it could become a global currency. He also talked about Tesla’s recent purchase of $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin, saying that it was a way to diversify the company’s cash holdings.


The interview with Elon Musk covered a wide range of topics, from space travel to social media to the pandemic. Musk was candid and open throughout, acknowledging his mistakes and sharing his vision for the future. Despite his regrets about tweeting after 3 a.m., Musk continued to be one of the most interesting and innovative figures in the world today.


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