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NASA teams up with Blue Origin to create spacecraft for lunar expedition

NASA Teams Up With Blue Origin to Construct Moon Mission Spacecraft

NASA and Blue Origin have partnered to create a new spacecraft that will transport humans to the Moon. This collaboration will help NASA to land astronauts to the lunar surface again for the first time since 1972.

The new spacecraft is known as the ‘National Team Human Landing System’. It will include a descent element that will help astronauts in landing on the Moon, an ascent element that will lift the astronauts off the Moon, and a transfer vehicle that will finally take them to the lunar orbit, where NASA’s proposed lunar Gateway will be stationed.

NASA has been working on developing the Artemis program, which aims to land humans on the Moon and establish a sustainable human presence on the Lunar surface. Blue Origin, owned by Jeff Bezos, is an aerospace manufacturer focused on designing rockets, engines, and spacecraft to provide secure access for people and payloads to space.

To achieve their goal, NASA has awarded several contracts to various companies for the development of essential systems for the new spacecraft. However, it was crucial to have a reliable partner who can work on the different elements and integrate them correctly to ensure that they work seamlessly as a single system. Blue Origin has been selected to be that partner.

Blue Origin’s design will incorporate a wide range of proprietary technologies, including a high-thrust, reliable ascent element for the astronauts’ journey to the lunar orbit. Blue Origin’s system will also be able to perform multiple trips to and from the lunar surface.

According to Lisa Watson-Morgan, NASA’s Human Landing System program manager, Blue Origin’s existing technologies, experience in building space systems, and a commitment to comfortable and safe space travel make them an ideal partner for developing the spacecraft.

The National Team Human Landing System also includes the very first lunar fuel cells capable of producing 10 kilowatts of power on the lunar surface. These fuel cells will be powered by cryogenic hydrogen and oxygen and are designed to provide reliable and efficient power for the moon mission.

Moreover, the system has been designed with an emphasis on safety and reliability. Blue Origin’s Lunar Descent Element will have a crew module with sizable windows that will provide stunning views of the lunar surface and a spacious area for the astronauts to move easily in their spacesuits.

In conclusion, NASA’s collaboration with Blue Origin is an essential step in developing the National Team Human Landing System, which is critical to the Artemis program’s success. With the involvement of Blue Origin’s reliable technology, NASA’s ability to land astronauts on the Moon, and a commitment to their safety and comfort has increased manifold. It will undoubtedly help establish a sustainable human presence on the Moon, enhance scientific discovery, and inspire future generations to pursue space exploration.

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