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“Report: Meta Plans to Block News on Facebook and Instagram in Canada”

Meta Gearing Up to Block News on Facebook, Instagram in Canada: Report – Unlisted News

Canadian Facebook users may be soon deprived of news content on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. As per recently published reports, the parent company of Facebook, Meta, may plan to exclude all news content for users located in Canada, following a growing tension between the Canadian government and the social media giant.

According to the reports, Meta’s action follows a disagreement between the Canadian government and Facebook for several months. The disagreement originated from Canadian officials who reportedly want social media platforms to pay Canadian news outlets for the use of their content.

Although the Canadian government passed legislation in 2019 to collect royalties from internet companies for the use of news contents, including Facebook, Google, and others, the provision was suspended last year. Canada’s heritage minister, Steven Guilbeault, who is in charge of the policy, said Facebook is behaving “arrogantly” in the matter.

Recently, Australian lawmakers announced that they would impose fines on social media giants including Facebook and Twitter for not removing illegal and harmful content posted on their platforms. They also established a special regulator to monitor and investigate social media companies that do not comply with their rules.

In response, the head of public policy in Canada at Facebook, Kevin Chan, cautioned Canadian officials against following the Australian model. He reportedly advised that the introduction of such measures would prompt the platform to remove news content from their sites, which would deprive Canadians of valuable information sources.

However, Facebook’s warning has been rejected by Guilbeault and other officials in his ministry. Guilbeault reportedly said that “we are going to continue to fight for our right to make sure that content creators are paid.”

Meta may have taken the decision to ban news contents to prevent incidence of paying content creators and news platforms for every post that is shared. According to the reports, such decision may be more beneficial to Meta’s business interests, as it won’t have to split advertising revenue with news sources.

To compensate for the lack of news content, Meta has indicated plans to expand its content offerings on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. These platforms would focus more on personal connections experiences and content, such as user-generated content.

In conclusion, while Meta’s decision to prevent Canadian users from accessing news content may appear unfair, it is undeniably influenced by the company’s business interests. Regardless, Facebook and Instagram have been very popular in Canada, and it remains to be seen how Canadians will react to the ban of news content on the social media platforms.

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