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“Rising Cyber Threats: India witnesses 18% Weekly Increase in Q1 2023”

India has recorded an 18% increase in weekly cyberattacks in the first quarter of 2023. According to a report by CheckPoint, each organisation in India faced an average of 2108 weekly attacks, an increase from the corresponding period in 2022. However, this is still less compared to the global average of 1,248 attacks per week encountered by each organisation.
Which sector was attacked the most?
The education/research sector was the most attacked, experiencing the highest number of cyberattacks, with an average of 2,507 attacks per organisation per week, marking a 15% increase compared to Q1 2022. Government/military sector was the second-most targeted, with an average of 1,725 attacks per week, followed closely by the healthcare sector, which saw an average of 1,684 attacks per week, marking a 22% YoY increase.
The retail/wholesale sector saw the highest YoY increase of 49% with an average of 1,079 attacks per week.
Sophisticated campaigns
The report also suggested that there were several sophisticated campaigns carried out by cybercriminals. They are finding ways to weaponize legitimate tools for malicious gains. “Recent examples include using ChatGPT for code generation that can help less-skilled threat actors effortlessly launch cyberattacks. The CPR team also discovered the fastest-ever encrypting ransomware ever seen, all of which demonstrates how attackers are continuing their rampant crimes and never looking back,” the report said.
The CheckPoint report revealed that Global weekly cyberattacks rose by 7% year-over-year in Q1 2023. The APAC region saw the highest YoY surge in weekly attacks, with an average of 1,835 attacks per organisation, marking a 16% increase. On a global level, 1 out of every 31 organisations experienced a ransomware attack every week.
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