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Does The Big World of Little People END after Season 25? Star admits the show is “coming to an end” – UnlistedNews

Even without a helpful announcement (like a premiere date) from TLC, we know that Little people, big world Season 25 is coming up.

The evidence is there. For 25 to never air it would take a catastrophe like the Megan wants a millionaire killer. Or just get Zaslavedwhich seems unlikely in TLC.

But fans are already worried about Season 26 and beyond. And they are not alone.

Right now, there are some rumors about something that one of the Little people, big world the stars let slip the future of the show. Or the lack of one.

Does The Big World of Little People END after Season
Picking up her Stories, Tori Roloff reflected on the silence, and then the noise, in her home. (instagram)

Before we get into exactly what Tori said and the context, we want to stress again that all sources indicated that Season 25 is coming up.

We know that members of the Roloff family were filming.

Also, Matt Roloff has been promoting pumpkin season. In particular, the hype around this issue could be relevant when discussing the future of the show. But we’ll get to that.

Does The Big World of Little People END after Season
Things are happening at Roloff Farms! In July 2023, Matt Roloff teased exciting new developments for pumpkin season! (instagram)

Now, the Tori Roloff statement currently circulating among fans is not new.

It dates back to December 2022.

That does not mean that it is wrong or that something has changed. But we always want to be clear about who said what and when she said it.

1688572209 983 Tori Roloff criticized by LPBW fans for car safety are
We adore this photo! Tori Roloff shared it with the world on Easter Sunday 2023. (instagram)

“How long do you plan to be on TV?” asked a fan during a Q&A on Instagram. “Thank you for sharing your lives with us.”

Tori responded, “I think our time is definitely coming to an end.”

He then continued, “But we’re trying to enjoy it while it’s here.”

1690303946 221 Does The Big World of Little People END after Season
In December 2022, Tori Roloff suggested that her family’s time on Little People, Big World was “coming to an end” on her Instagram Story. (instagram)

Tori went on to emphasize that she and Zach have a lot of stress from the show.

They let people into their private life. That means turning things upside down for filming, and then dealing with the fallout from viewers.

However, she was also quick to point out what was great about the show, from sharing her life stories to meeting new and interesting people.

1690303946 39 Does The Big World of Little People END after Season
Taking to social media, Tori Roloff posed with her children, Jackson Roloff and Lilah Roloff. Looks like they had fun at an Easter event. But isn’t someone missing? (instagram)

“I think our time is definitely coming to an end” is not a particularly ambiguous statement.

It could mean Tori and Zach are planning to quit, or they think TLC is going to pull the plug.

And since Tori and Zach have indicated that they don’t plan to stop the show… seems like the latter.

1690303946 448 Does The Big World of Little People END after Season
Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff took their children to experience the magic of Disney in early 2023. (instagram)

You can understand why people might think that the program has reached the end of its execution.

Jacob left the moment his parents could no longer force him to film against his will. (A great reminder that we need better laws to protect minors in these situations)

And Jeremy and Audrey left the show several years ago, and now they do… generic influencer stuff with a specific agenda and vibe on their own farm.

1686328236 282 Audrey Roloff Explains Controversial ISR Drowning Training Its Not For
We took this screenshot from a video of Audrey and Jeremy Roloff promoting some of their products on Instagram. (instagram)

And of course, Matt and Amy got divorced.

Amy has remarried. Matt is now engaged.

But just because things are so different now doesn’t mean the show has to end with season 25.

Little Big World Season 25 Is It Happening When does
In mid-March 2023, Matt Roloff shared this photo. He was up at a job very early in his future dream house. He’s going to need more walls. (instagram)

After all, these changes mean that each season isn’t just a regurgitation of the one before.

And there are new projects, from whatever surprise Matt has in store for this year’s pumpkin season (Jacob’s helping!) to him and Caryn building their dream house.

We don’t know when season 25 will premiere or if season 26 will happen. But maybe Tori’s statement shouldn’t worry people.

1690303947 137 Does The Big World of Little People END after Season
Tori and Zach look worried and downtrodden in this confessional scene from Little People, Big World. (TLC)

After all, that was what he said in 2022.

That was the same year that Amy wondered if it would be the last pumpkin season.

Perhaps things are looking brighter for the Roloff family, and their fans, than they were a year ago. Food for thought.


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