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“Former Apple Executive Joins GM to Head New Software Division”

GM Taps Ex-Apple Executive Mike Abbott to Head New Software Unit

General Motors (GM) has announced the hiring of Mike Abbott, a former Apple software engineering executive, to lead its newly formed software unit. This move comes amidst the rising demand for advanced software technologies in the automotive industry.

Abbott was a member of Apple’s senior leadership team from 2013 to 2018, where he was responsible for creating and delivering the company’s cloud services and improving the reliability of its core operating systems. He also oversaw Siri, the famous voice assistant on Apple devices. Before his tenure at Apple, Abbott worked at Palm and Twitter.

GM CEO Mary Barra stated that the company’s investment in software is a critical part of its vision to create a world with zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion. The software unit, which will be called “GM Software Technology,” will reportedly focus on developing advanced software that will be used in next-generation electric and autonomous vehicles.

The car manufacturer plans to invest more than $27 billion in electric and autonomous vehicle development through 2025. As part of that investment, the company will soon launch its electric Hummer SUV, which will be followed by 30 additional electric models by 2025.

Abbott’s appointment comes as a crucial move for GM, as the company aims to expand its software capabilities to stay ahead of competitors in the automotive industry. GM faces increasing competition from technology companies such as Tesla, Uber, and Waymo, which are investing heavily in developing autonomous driving technologies.

GM’s software unit aims to attract top software engineering talent and to focus on developing products that are both reliable and innovative. The company’s investment in software technology is part of its broader focus on creating a sustainable future by reducing emissions and traffic congestion.

In conclusion, GM’s hiring of former Apple executive Mike Abbott to head its new software unit shows the company’s commitment to advancing its software capabilities. The software unit’s focus on creating innovative and reliable products aligns with GM’s vision of a sustainable future. As the competition in the automotive industry heats up, GM is making strategic investments to stay ahead and lead the way in electric and autonomous vehicle development.

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