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There’s No Ocean in Sight. But Many Hawaiians Make Las Vegas Their Home. – UnlistedNews

There’s No Ocean in Sight. But Many Hawaiians Make Las Vegas Their Home.

A Growing Trend of Hawaiians Moving to Las Vegas

Las Vegas, known as the entertainment capital of the world, is attracting more than just tourists. A growing trend of Hawaiians moving to Las Vegas has been observed in recent years. What seems like an unlikely destination for Hawaiians, has actually become a popular place to call home.

Why are Hawaiians Moving to Las Vegas?

Hawaiians are moving to Las Vegas primarily for job opportunities and a lower cost of living. Hawaii is known to have a high cost of living, which makes it difficult for some families to make ends meet. However, Las Vegas offers a lower cost of living while still providing a range of job opportunities. The hospitality industry is a major employer in Las Vegas, which provides plenty of job openings for Hawaiians who are already experienced in the field due to Hawaii’s own tourism industry.

Cultural Similarities

Apart from job opportunities and cost of living, Hawaiians find cultural similarities in Las Vegas. The Polynesian community in Las Vegas is growing, which provides a sense of belonging and familiarity for Hawaiians. The Polynesian Cultural Center in Las Vegas is also a popular hosting ground for many Hawaiian events. Las Vegas also hosts the annual Pacific Islander Festival, which celebrates and promotes Polynesian cultures.

Is it Difficult for Hawaiians to Adjust in Las Vegas?

While Las Vegas may seem like an entirely different atmosphere than Hawaii, the transition has been surprisingly smooth for the Hawaiian community. Many Hawaiians have found success in business and continue to contribute to the local community in Las Vegas. There are also multiple Hawaiian restaurants, cultural centers, and community events that make Hawaiians feel more at home.

Future Implications

The trend of Hawaiians moving to Las Vegas may continue to grow in the coming years. With a growing Polynesian community and more job openings, Las Vegas may continue to be a popular destination for Hawaiians seeking a better quality of life. However, the cultural and familial ties to Hawaii still remain strong, which may make it difficult for some to permanently leave the islands.


Las Vegas may not have an ocean in sight, but for Hawaiians, it offers a promising future. The lower cost of living and abundant job opportunities make Las Vegas an attractive destination for those seeking a better quality of life. The growing Polynesian community and cultural events provide a sense of familiarity and belonging, making the transition to Las Vegas smooth for many Hawaiians. While Hawaii will always hold a special place in the hearts of Hawaiians, Las Vegas may continue to beckon as a place to call home.


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