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“Train Viral Trend Takes Internet by Storm: Witness the Power of Confidence in ‘Confidence Dekho’ Girl Group”

Social media users complimented the girls’ confidence

Witnessing the world as a stage, a group of girls created their own space on a moving train by performing a viral dance trend. Social media has been set abuzz with their impromptu performance with the other passengers in awe of their confidence.

The video showcases a girl grooving while seated on the upper berth of a seat, followed by another girl standing in the passageway and then to a girl on the upper berth of the left side of the seat.

The video gained momentum after a woman identified by the username (@vaidehihihaha) posted it on Twitter with the caption “Bhai mere se train mein logo ke aage khana bhi khaya nhi jata (Brother, I can’t even eat food in front of people in the train).”

Check out the viral video:

Netizens showered the group with praise for their confidence after the video went viral. One user commented, “Confidence dedo Bhagwan (Please give me confidence God),” and another stated, “Esa confidence kahan milega (Where can one get such confidence).”

Another viewer expressed their desire to travel by train after watching the video, while yet another joked, “First metro, now this, seems like trains are the targets!”

Although the performance delighted many, some internet users called for strict rules against creating such nuisances in public transport.

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