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Possible verdicts on ‘Uddhav vs Shinde’ in Maharashtra political crisis: SC decision tomorrow

There is a political crisis brewing in the state of Maharashtra as the Supreme Court is set to deliver its verdict on the tussle between CM Uddhav Thackeray and former CM Narayan Rane’s mentor Sushil Kumar Shinde. The rift between the two leaders had escalated to a point where 10 Congress MLAs submitted their resignation from the party to join BJP. However, the validity of these resignations is yet to be decided by the speaker of the assembly.

The verdict of the Supreme Court can have a huge impact on the political landscape of Maharashtra, and various possible outcomes of the verdict are being discussed throughout the state’s political circles. Here are some possible judgements that the Supreme Court can deliver:

1. Disqualification of the MLAs
The Supreme Court can uphold the decision of the speaker disqualifying the 10 Congress MLAs who had resigned last year. This will reduce the effective strength of the Maharashtra assembly and can have a huge impact on the Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress government’s stability.

2. Upholding the validity of the resignation
The apex court can rule that the resignation of 10 Congress MLAs was valid and their decision to leave the party was not an affront to the anti-defection law. This will result in the BJP gaining power in Maharashtra as the combination of Congress-NCP-Shiv Sena will lose their majority.

3. Allowing the assembly speaker to decide
The Supreme Court can allow the speaker of the assembly to decide on the validity of the resignation. This can lead to a prolonged legal battle and also cause further instability in the government.

4. Resignations deemed valid but cannot switch parties
The court can rule that the resignations were valid but the MLAs cannot switch sides to another party. This outcome can leave the BJP short of majority still and can lead to further political bargaining between parties.

The verdict in this case is keenly awaited, and all sides are bracing for all possible outcomes. However, it is not just the outcome of the verdict that will have implications, but also the way the verdict is delivered. If the Supreme court decision is seen as partisan, it can lead to trust issues with judiciary and can lead to long-lasting ramifications.

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