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“BGMI Given Three-Month Lifeline: Essential Updates for Fans”

BGMI: Three Key Things to Know About the Game’s Three-Month “Lifeline”

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has received a lifeline for another three months. This news has brought a sigh of relief to all those who were worried about the future of the game. The Indian government has given this breather to the game to comply with the rules regarding the storage of user data. Here are the three key things you need to know about the situation of BGMI:

1. The Background of the Situation

The Indian government placed a ban on Chinese apps, including the hugely popular PUBG, in September 2020. This decision was taken because of security concerns and data breaches. PUBG was developed by a Chinese company called Tencent. Soon after the ban, PUBG Corporation, the South Korean company that owns the game, severed its ties with Tencent, and decided to launch the game in India with a different name. That’s how Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was born.

However, the Indian government was not entirely satisfied with this move. They wanted strict adherence to the data storage rules and cybersecurity norms. After much scrutiny, the government gave permission for BGMI to launch in India in July 2021. They had to provide an undertaking that they would abide by the data storage norms, and the game would not lead to data breaches or security lapses.

2. What the Three-Month Extension Means

BGMI has received a three-month extension from the Indian government to comply with the rules regarding the storage of user data. This would now be the second such extension given to BGMI. The previous extension was given in September for three months as well. The game’s makers had to submit a compliance report by December 31, 2021. The new extension means that BGMI can continue to operate without fear of a ban till March 2022.

This extension comes as a big relief to all the players and fans of the game who feared that their favorite game would once again face a ban. This also gives the game developers more time to work on and improve the features and other aspects of the game to make it more appealing to the players.

3. What Developers Are Doing to Comply with Indian Rules

The Indian government has strict rules regarding data storage, especially for foreign companies. They need to have servers in India to store user data. BGMI’s parent company, Krafton Game Union, is a South Korean company and needs to comply with Indian rules for its Indian operations. Therefore, they are setting up servers in India to store user data.

Apart from the servers, BGMI’s developers are also working on making the game more user-friendly and interactive. This includes good customer support with quick responses to any queries or concerns, updating and patching the game regularly, and doing regular security checks to eliminate chances of data breaches. The team is also working on adding new features and collaborating with other Indian companies to make the game more appealing to Indian players. These collaborations will help in expanding the game’s user base and attract more players.


BGMI’s three-month extension is a welcome relief for all its players and fans. The game’s developers, Krafton Game Union, are working hard to comply with Indian rules and regulations to ensure that the game can operate smoothly in India. This extension will give them more time to work on improving the game’s user experience and features. With the right efforts, BGMI can become one of the most popular games in India, and Krafton Game Union can have a strong foothold in India’s lucrative gaming market.

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