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Google’s Pixel 4 Advertising Woes Escalate into an $18 Million Debacle – Unlisted News

Google’s Pixel 4 Ad Controversy Results in $18 Million Sketchy Ad Fine

Google has been hit with an $18 million charge by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) due to its deceptive advertising methods of the Pixel 4 smartphone. According to the FTC, Google has violated the law by falsely promoting facial recognition software that only worked while the user’s eyes were open, making an advertisement that misled consumers. This resulted in the tech giant overstating the capabilities of its Pixel 4 device and deceiving customers.

Deceiving Ads – A Major Concern for FTC

The charges against Google reflect on the growing concern about deceptive advertising tactics in the market. The FTC is adamant about taking necessary actions against companies that deceive customers in advertising, misleading them with false claims, leading them to believe they are buying one thing when, in reality, they are getting something entirely different.

Google’s claim that its facial recognition software worked without any caveat was misleading, as many tech experts and people have found out. This false claim has led to the FTC issuing such a massive $18 million fine from the company, making it one of the most significant consumer protection penalties issued by the FTC.

Google’s Response

Google has released a statement acknowledging the allegations and the fine imposed. They have agreed to pay the fine but said that the mistake was unintentional, and the misleading ad was a result of confusion about the features of the device. They stated that, “We’re proud of the Pixel 4 facial unlock feature and the positive results it’s generated for our users around the world. We’ve consistently informed our customers and the public of the feature’s limitations, and we appreciate the FTC’s efforts to expand industry guidance on these issues.”

Lessons Learned from the Controversy

The FTC is optimistic that the historic fine charged to Google will serve as a warning to all companies, and the issue of misleading advertising will be addressed in future ad campaigns. The commission aims to protect consumer’s interests by enforcing its regulations and taking action whenever necessary, no matter who the violator is.

It’s a reminder that, as consumers, we must be vigilant about claims made by companies in their advertisements and confirm whether they are too good to be true or not.

As for Google and any other company, the FTC advises all advertisers to work hard on ensuring their ad content is honest, truthful, and not misleading to avoid FTC penalties or facing litigations from consumer rights activists.


Misleading advertising and deceptive ads are harmful to both consumers and the industry. They mislead people to believe they are getting one service or product while providing an entirely different one. This type of advertising exerts pressure on the competition and leads to losing trust in the market. Google’s hefty fine from the Federal Trade Commission is a reminder to everyone, including future advertisers and consumers, that deceptive advertising will not go unpunished.

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