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“Protect Yourself from Fake International Calls: WhatsApp Recommends Blocking and Reporting”

WhatsApp Advises Users to Block and Report Calls from Unknown International Numbers – Unlisted News

WhatsApp has issued an advisory to its users, urging them to be cautious and avoid answering calls from unknown international numbers. The messaging platform has warned that such calls can lead to financial fraud, identity theft, and other cybercrimes.

The company has recommended users to report such calls and block them immediately. It has also assured users that it is working to improve its spam detection mechanisms and prevent such calls in the future.

Cybercrime has become a major challenge in recent years, with fraudsters and hackers using increasingly sophisticated methods to target unsuspecting individuals and businesses. WhatsApp’s warning comes as a reminder to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions to protect oneself from such threats.

It is important to note that cybercriminals can use various tactics to trick users into answering scam calls. They may pose as representatives of legitimate organizations, ask for personal or financial information, or threaten users with legal action or other consequences.

WhatsApp has also recommended its users to not share any personal information on social media platforms, as it can be easily accessed by hackers and used for identity theft. It also urged users to enable two-factor authentication for added security.

While the messaging platform has taken several measures to enhance the security of its users, it is ultimately up to the users to be mindful of their online activities and take the necessary precautions. This includes regularly updating passwords and keeping sensitive information secure.

In conclusion, it is crucial for WhatsApp users to be cautious and avoid answering calls from unknown international numbers. Reporting such calls and blocking them immediately can prevent financial fraud and other cybercrimes. Users must also take necessary precautions to protect themselves from other online threats by being vigilant and staying informed about the latest cybercrime trends.

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