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“Enhanced Accessibility: Apple’s Latest Features Revolutionize Inclusivity for Those with Disabilities”

Apple introduces new features for accessibility to people with disabilities

Apple has recently introduced several new features that will make accessibility easier for people with disabilities. The features aim to help those with cognitive, vision, or speaking disabilities to use their Apple devices more effectively and efficiently. With this initiative, Apple is showing its commitment to inclusive technology and catering to the millions of people who rely on Apple devices to carry out their daily activities.

Cognitive Disabilities

The first set of features is aimed at helping people with cognitive disabilities. Apple’s Accessibility team has developed a new feature called “Background Sounds”. This feature allows users to continuously play soothing sounds such as rain, forest, or stream to help ease anxiety, increase focus and reduce distractions. This feature can be used to reduce background noises or sounds in public places which can be overwhelming and distracting.

Another feature that has been added is “Sound Actions”. This feature allows users to assign actions or behaviors to specific sounds. Instead of relying on visual cues, users can now be alerted through sound for various tasks such as phone calls, messages, or alarms. This feature also includes the ability to create custom sound actions and associate them with specific activities, making it easier to multitask and stay organized.

Vision Disabilities

The second set of features is aimed at helping people with vision disabilities. Apple has introduced a feature called “VoiceOver Recognition” which uses machine learning to recognize objects within images. This feature provides users with a description of a scene or image by identifying the objects within it. This feature can be extremely helpful for those who are visually impaired and rely on assistive technologies to navigate their surroundings.

In addition to this, Apple has also introduced “Display and Text Size” to allow users to configure their display settings according to their visual needs. Users can now customize their text size and font to make reading easier, and also adjust screen contrast and color to improve visibility.

Speaking Disabilities

The third set of features is aimed at helping people with speaking disabilities. Apple has included “Memoji Mouth Movement” which allows users to create customized emojis that mimic their facial expressions and movements. This feature can be used as a tool for communication, and allows users to express emotions and communicate more effectively.

Apple also introduced “Background Sounds” for people with speaking disabilities. This feature provides a layer of sound that helps reduce background noise during phone calls, offering users a clearer and more focused conversation.


Apple’s commitment to inclusive technology is not just a trend, but a way of life for the company. The new features added by the Accessibility team aim to help people with cognitive, vision, or speaking disabilities to navigate their lives more easily and efficiently. With these features, Apple is making a strong statement of inclusivity and technological innovation, showing that making technology accessible for all is both a business and ethical imperative.

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